Things in my view this week 22/01/18

Marvellous Mark

Mark Allen won the Snooker Masters this week, and I for one am chuffed for him. Allen is a player who has been on the circuit for a number of years now, bursting through as a youngster in 2005, but never really being able to push on to the next level and become a consistent challenger for the major prizes in the sport. So his victory this weekend is a real example to people to never give up, your time will come if you work hard and stay dedicated. So well done Mark, hopefully it won’t be the last big one you win.

Pudsey, North Wales?

Stuart Andrew MP has a new job. He is now a junior minister in the Wales Office. Stuart is from North Wales and is also a Welsh speaker, so sounds perfect for the job, except he’s the MP for Pudsey, West Yorkshire. Surely this isn’t a sensible situation, how can a man who has been elected to represent the people of Pudsey also be a junior minister for an office representing Wales? The people of Pudsey are getting short changed, just as much as the people of Wales are. What happens if a decision is made about funding one at the expense of the other? What does he do? Surely an MP in Wales would be better suited to the role, and Mr Andrew would be better focusing on the issues that affect his constituents more locally.

Snow joke anymore

The older you get so many things become less fun, but nothing becomes as much a pain in the arse as snow. As a child you would pray for snow, a chance of a day off school, going out sledging and snowballing it was what winter was all about, but now as an adult it’s just shit. It makes life so much harder, I mean the traffic was so bad the other day I had to walk 2 hours to get home through the stuff. Just go away now, and don’t come back.

Steve Smith/Ricky Ponting

The 2005 Ashes was the greatest test series ever, and because England won it, it will be fondly remembered for all time, in this country at least. There were so many great moments, the unreal finale at Edgbaston, a swashbuckling KP at the oval and Harmy’s slower ball to get Clarke to name a few, but by far and away the greatest single moment for me was Gary Pratt running Ricky Ponting out at Trent Bridge. Punter was the pantomime villain, and he played the part well, so when he was chuntering away as he trudged off the field that day, the perfect whinging Aussie, it was a glorious sight. Fast forward to 2018 and the Aussie captain who’s been putting the English to the sword all summer is Steve Smith, he who can do no wrong, in test cricket at least. In the ODI’s its been a different story however, and watching him shaking his head furiously as he was dismissed the other day when it was a close call was so reminiscent of Ponting all those years ago, and just as brilliant.