Why I’m standing, again, and why I’d like your vote

The local elections are here again, and I’m standing again. I am the Yorkshire Party candidate for the Northowram and Shelf ward, and if you live there, then on the 3rd of May I would love you to vote for me.

I have now lived in Northowram for 4 years, and I love living here, it’s a place I’m really happy to call home. The main parties will try and tell you this is a national election, they will talk to you about big national issues, but remember, it’s not. This is an election to elect a local councillor. I am invested in this ward, it is my home, I shop in the local shop, I drink in the local pub, my son will go to the local school and I am as reliant on local services as much as anyone else.

Why the Yorkshire Party? I am convinced so many of the problems we face in Yorkshire are due to an over centralised state. If we have a stronger voice for the region then our voices will be heard better, and local solutions can be found to local problems. we also stand by the Bell Principles which means I will never put the party ahead of the needs of the ward.

So if you want a Councillor that will work hard for the ward and not for a party that doesn’t care about you, who lives locally, and loves the area, then please consider me for your vote.

Daniel Manning

P.S. If you want to know more about the Yorkshire Party then click here