Things in my view this week….1

Second hand trains

I’m no expert on trains, far from it, but I think I have quite a good sense of when someone is trying to pull the wool over. Northern Rail is set to inherit a bunch of old London Underground trains that will be converted to replace the current set of crap trains running on the network. These cast offs are something like 30 years old, and we’re meant to believe this is an upgrade. Are you kidding me? When this was reported on Look North the question was asked ‘why don’t we make some new ones?’ and the answer was ‘well unlike London our transport needs are funded differently, and we can’t afford them’. So here we are, London gets its shiny new trains, and we’re left with the hand me downs they don’t want anymore, typical, once again London first, everywhere else, never. 

Whatever happened to Hull?

Talking about Look North, I sometimes feel like I’m watching a strange Orwellian version of reality, in which parts of Yorkshire don’t exist. Harry and the team bring us the days news from around Yorkshire, but not all of it, has Hull disappeared? The east coast hasn’t, Scarborough and Bridlington still appear on the show, but not Hull, does the BBC not want us to know what is going on there? It’s very strange indeed. When the sport section is introduced, and we hear about the exploits of our region’s clubs, where are Hull City? Or Hull FC and Hull KR? Hull City got to the final of the FA Cup last year, a great reason for Yorkshire to celebrate, but from Look North, silence. 

Calm down dear, it’s only a tweet

Why is Twitter so angry? The more I use Twitter the more worried for the human race I become, even the most innocent and innocuous tweets are often met with absolute rage. Twitter can be a really fun thing to use, and can also be a force for good, but more often than not, it shows up the bad side of our nature. It’s almost like people use Twitter to behave in a way that normal society doesn’t allow, threats, racism, homophobia, and general angry behaviour are everywhere. The hope is that it stays there and doesn’t permeate into wider society, a world where people behaved in real life as they do on twitter would be unbearable. 

Football’s ugly problem

This week was a bad week for football. Two of Europe’s most beautiful cities have witnessed mob behaviour at its absolute worst, first, scumbags in Chelsea colours brought shame upon Chelsea FC, football and themselves when they racially abused a black  Paris metro goer before the PSG match and then PSV fans rioted in Rome causing millions of pounds worth of damage and again sullying the name of football. Being a moron and liking football are unfortunately not mutually exclusive things, and this week shows us how far we have yet to go to rid the beautiful game of such ugly nonsense.